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Oct 2023
Under New Management!
New beginnings

We are delighted to announce that the former Lloyds Pharmacy at Murieston Medical Centre has officially changed ownership in September and is now an independent pharmacy!

The pharmacy has been renamed as "Murieston Pharmacy" and is now part of the Fife-based Wellbeing Pharmacies Group which operates ten other community pharmacies across Scotland and England.

The pharmacy team, led by experienced Superintendent Pharmacist Kevin Murphy, has been busy implementing lots of much-needed operational and IT changes aimed at improving the service provided to the local community. This work will continue in the coming weeks and it is hoped local residents will see a significant improvement.

The pharmacy will continue to collect repeat prescriptions from all local surgeries and offer free home delivery. The phone number is unchanged (01506 465 035) and we can be emailed via murieston@wellbeingpharmacies.com.

In addition, the following services are currently available:

  • NHS Pharmacy First  walk-in treatment for a wide range of common ailments including UTI's, impetigo, skin infections, hayfever.
  • NHS Stop Smoking service
  • NHS Sexual Health Service  Emergency Hormonal Contraception & Chlamydia Treatment
  • NHS Gluten-Free Foods
  • Blood Pressure Screening
24/7 Prescription Collection Service ........ coming soon!

To improve patients' access to their medication and reduce queues within the pharmacy at peak times, we will soon be installing Livingston's very first automated collection point for prescriptions!

This technology has been developed by our sister company MedPoint and is a safe and secure way for patients to pick-up their medication whenever they want, even when the pharmacy is closed.

The short video below explains how it works.

It couldn’t be simpler!

  1.  Order your prescriptions from your surgery in the usual way
  2. When your medicines are ready to collect you will receive a text with a unique secure collection pin
  3. Simply type the pin number into the machine, follow the on-screen instructions and the machine will fetch your prescription within seconds!

If you already receive sms notifications from the pharmacy you don't need to do anything! If your medication is suitable, we will automatically load your orders into the machine enabling you to collect 24/7. We anticipate the MedPoint being installed by the end of October 2023. 

If not, you can register to use the collection point by completing the form below, speaking to one of the team on your next visit, or call us on 01506 465 035

Full Name
Date of Birth
Mobile Phone Number
Email Address (optional - to receive a QR collection code that can be scanned at collection point)
Some Frequently Asked Questions

If I use the collection point, can I still use the pharmacy during opening hours?

Yes. Please be assured we will still welcome your visits to the shop during opening hours, especially if you need some advice or other services. By reducing our queues our team will have more time to speak to those that need face to face care.

Are there any items that can’t be collected from the collection point?

There are some items that cannot be collected via the machine for clinical or regulatory reasons, these include:

Controlled drugs like methadone, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone etc 

Refrigerated drugs 

Very large bulky items

Is there a charge for this service?

No. We have invested to ensure this is a free service available to all our patients. We hope that it will help grow our business so feel free to recommend us to friends & family!

Is it safe & secure?

Absolutely! We have spent over 18 months developing this machine along with our UK supplier to ensure we meet stringent UK pharmacy standards and ensure drugs are stored securely. We have used cutting edge technology to ensure that the right medicine goes to the right person every time and have spent months testing to validate our process.

The collection point is well lit 24/7 and covered by CCTV.

Is this automation going to cost people their jobs?

Absolutely not. We are not looking to reduce staff numbers in any way. In fact, since installing a similar machine in another branch we have increased staff levels due to increased demand for our services.  This machine complements the other dispensing robot we have in the pharmacy, without which our team would not have been able to provide such a great dispensing service in such a small space. We are committed to harnessing technology wherever possible to make everything we do more efficient because that will help us provide the best possible service to the local community. 

Register to use the MedPoint automated collection service by completing the form above, or speaking to one of the team on your next visit or on 01506 465 035

2a Hamilton Square, Murieston
West Lothian
EH54 9JZ
01506 465035
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